Figure 2 – Expectations for more EU action than at present: percentage points difference between 2016 and 2018

In 2016, this was one of the very few policy areas with a significant difference of opinions across gender groups. Significantly more women (74 %) than men (61 %) supported more EU involvement in health and social security. In 2018 however, this difference between the expectations of men and women has almost disappeared, with 70 % of women and 68 % of men supporting increased EU action.
The overall increase in support for more EU involvement in the health and social security policy area is 6 percentage points, and this trend of increased expectations is shared across almost all Member States. The most prominent increases are registered in Luxembourg, Belgium (an increase of 19 percentage points in each of the two countries) and Germany (increase of 16 percentage points). The only exceptions to the general trend are registered in Italy (a 5 percentage points decrease), Slovakia (3 percentage points decrease) and Estonia (2 percentage points decrease).