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Organised Crime in the Western Balkans

A combination of its political and cultural history, as well as its geographical location, has allowed the Western Balkans to become a nucleus for international organised crime. Under Communist rule extensive black markets were established and flourished, often with the complicity of party officials.

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These criminal networks not only survived the collapse of communism and the following internecine conflict but, in many ways, saw their business bolstered.  Under communist rule their market was limited but now they could expand into new territories, furthermore, the preceding armed conflict also facilitated overtures into the business of arms trafficking.

The current state of organised crime in the Western Balkans is difficult to gauge. In some cases, the politicians who present themselves as leading the fight against organised crime stand accused of direct involvement in illegality. The Acquis Communautaire requires commitment to the rule of law and makes it clear that countries will not accede without proving that they have taken adequate measures to combat organised crime.

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Stakeholders and Institutions

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NGO focused mainly on Bulgaria but with studies and reports on organised crime throughout Western Balkans.

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