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Library stand on 6 September in Luxembourg

We did it again! We organised a library stand in one of the European Parliament’s buildings in Luxembourg.

Since EP buildings are spread over the city of Luxembourg we regularly go where our colleagues work and present the Library’s collection and services there. To complete the picture the interinstitutional Leisure Library and the Learning Center (both open for staff of the European Institutions only) participate in these events as well. We don’t go to our colleagues with empty hands! We bring a selection of books and journals, a variety of information material and a laptop with a projector to show some features of the Library website.

Library stand for colleagues in Luxembourg

This time we visited the European Parliament’s translators in the Tower A building in Luxembourg. From 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning on 6 September we advertised the Library and explained its services and collections to interested colleagues. At the very beginning we had some moments of despair when we realised that the stand furniture had not been delivered. But thanks to the support of other services we received our equipment just in time. These are the moments that keep a librarian alive!

The stands are always fun and they are worth all our efforts to make them a success. The colleagues are very interested; some even come in small groups of 4 or 5 to learn more about their library. And the stand offers us a good opportunity to learn more about our client’s information needs.

Let’s do it again on 16 October in the building “Président” in Luxembourg!

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