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Croatia – sources of information


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For the occasion of Croatian accession to the European Union on the 1 July 2013 and becoming the 28th member state, we have prepared this document as introductory information to sources that are already available in Library of European Parliament. Library makes it its priority to develop its collections taking into account each member state and Croatia, as the newest member, is no exception. The purpose of this document is to provide access to information sources on Croatia that can be found in the Library, either on its shelves or that are available through Library’s website, databases or other Internet sources. Croatian collection is being developed according to the same criteria as for other Member States and it will grow in size and in accordance with users’ needs and collection development policies.

1. Library of the European Parliament

Croatian newspapers subscribed by the EP Library

Večernji list – available in the 5th floor Reading Room in Brussels and kept for 1 month.

Croatian periodicals available in the EP Library

Printed issues available in the Library reading room:

All Croatian periodical publications available in the catalogue (either in printed version or online)

Press Agencies in the databases subscribed to by the Library

HINA – Croatian News Agency is accessible through Factiva and ISI Emerging Markets in English language. For access to Factiva it is necessary to fill out the form on the Library Factiva page. For ISI Emerging Markets no special password is required but e-mail login.

News from and on Croatia can also be found in the following databases subscribed to by the Library:

Books, articles and other documents in the Library

Publications in Croatian language sorted by year of publication.  

Publications and information sources on Croatia sorted by year of publication.

Databases subscribed by the Library and providing country information

  • OECD
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    Croatia – country page
  • Oxford Analytica
    Analysis of geopolitical, economic, social, business and industrial developments on a global and regional basis.
    Croatia – country page
  • Europa World Plus
    The online version of the Europa World Year Book and the nine-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series, covering political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories.
    Croatia – country page
  • EurActiv
    EU news and policy debates in 15 languages.
    EU – Croatian relations
  • European country of origin information (offers country of origin information with a focus on the needs of asylum lawyers, refugee counsels and persons deciding on claims for asylum and other forms of international protection).
    Croatia – country page

Cannot find the information you are looking for?

Ask your question to the Library via the Enquiry Management System (EMS).

Information Sessions provided by the Library

Participate in an info-session in the Library on matters related to finding information in the Library in general or on specific subjects or data sources.

You can also consult online info-sessions – interactive audiovisual tutorials that introduce, and explain how to use the main sources provided by the Library in certain policy areas.

2. Legislation

EU legislation

EUR-Lex database with access to EU law

National legislation

Narodne novine – online version of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia (free, available only in Croatian)

CADIAL – free access to Croatian legislation (in Croatian language with unofficial English translations of some acts) indexed by Eurovoc Thesaurus.

IUS-INFO – Croatian legal information system which contains up to date legislation and case law in its original form, catalogued and fully searchable. Single user subscription by the Library of the European Parliament. For more information contact Croatian information specialist or Library.

Library of the European Parliament – National legal databases – Croatia

Library catalogue selection of most important items

Books on Croatian legal issues
Constitutional law
Criminal law

3. General information


Homepage of the Republic of Croatia, with basic information about Croatia.

Political institutions

Croatian Parliament / Hrvatski sabor

President of the Republic of Croatia / Predsjednik Republike Hrvatske

Government of the Republic of Croatia / Vlada Republike Hrvatske
Ministries / Ministarstva

Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia / Vrhovni sud Republike Hrvatske

Address book of other state and political institutions (HR / EN)

Croatia and European Union

Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia / Delegacija Europske unije u Republici Hrvatskoj

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs / Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Croatian Parliament in the EU accession process / Sabor u procesu pristupanja Europskoj uniji

European Union External Action Service (EEAS)
EU – Croatia relations
List of treaties

European Commission – Enlargement – Croatia

Council of the EU – Enlargement
Press releases

European Parliament
Delegation to the EU-Croatia Joint Parliamentary Committee

Statistical Sources

Croatian Bureau of Statistics / Državni zavod za statistiku

4. International organisations

United Nations

Permanent Mission of Croatia to United Nations / Stalna misija Republike Hrvatske pri Ujedinjenim narodima

Council of Europe

Member information – Croatia


Permanent representation of Croatia to NATO


Participating States


Member information – Croatia

World Bank

Croatia and the World Bank


Croatia and the IMF

5. Research, NGOs

Research Institutes and Think Tanks

Ekonmoski institut Zagreb / The Institute of Economics, founded in 1939, the public institute devoted to scientific research in the field of economics.

Institut za javne financije / The Institute of Public Finance, founded in 1970, a public institution dealing with research into primarily economic topics important for economic growth and development, transition to the market economy and meeting the requirements for European integration.

Centar za politiloška istraživanja / The Political Science Research Centre, conducts scientific research activities in the field of political science.

Institut za društvena istraživanja / Institute for Social Research, founded in 1964 in Zagreb, conducts scientific research in the field of sociology and sociology related disciplines.

Institut za razvoj i međunarodne odnose / Institute for Development and International Relations, contributes to applied research and debate on current economic, political and social issues of global importance, as well as to the development of the Republic of Croatia in the international environment. (until 13. March 2013 – Institute for International Relations)

Institut za migracije i narodnosti / Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, deals with research on all kinds of population migration, study on minorities (both in Croatia and Croatians as minority groups abroad) and various kinds of ethnic issues.

Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku / Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, founded in 1948, centre for folkloristic, ethnological, ethno musicological and related scientific research.

Instiut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje / Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, founded in 1948, main task of the Institute is the scientific study of Croatian language and the cultivation of the Croatian linguistic tradition.

Institut za turizam / Institute for Tourism, the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in research and consultancy services in tourism.

Institut Ruđer Bošković / Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatian leading scientific research center.


List of Croatian universities and other higher education institutions, provided by Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


Registry of NGOs provided by Croatian Government’s Office for Cooperation with NGOs.


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