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Promoting entrepreneurship through education

Presented as an individual’s ability to turn ideas into actions, entrepreneurship has evolved over time to embrace creativity, innovation and risk taking, as well as the ability to set-up and run a business.

Promoting entrepreneurship through education
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Entrepreneurship is now considered as a key competence for all which should be promoted at all levels of education (from primary school to university) as well as through lifelong learning.

The European Commission has adopted two framework documents highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship education and training: in November 2012 a new strategy on education and training entitled “Rethinking Education” and, in January 2013, an Entrepreneurship Action Plan. The Commission notably invites Member States to reinforce entrepreneurship education at all levels and to strengthen the links between education and employers.

The European Parliament, which in a 2006 Recommendation had recognised the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship as one of the key competences for lifelong learning, has since then supported entrepreneurship education in several resolutions.

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