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New Graphics Warehouse

You may have noticed that last night we sent you 13 posts labelled “Graphics Warehouse”. First of all, we apologise for spamming your inbox, but we didn’t want you to miss the start of a brand new project: the EPRS Graphics Warehouse.

Save it, then share it or send it!

We collect all visuals from our publications and categorise them by policy area. Our Graphics Warehouse helps you to give a more visually pleasing presentation of your arguments. All you need to do is select your policy area, find a suitable graphic in the list, and save it, then you can share it or send it.

Feel free to use our graphics for any purpose or on any media. We do ask you, however, to cite us as an author (credit the European Parliamentary Research Service).

A short description of the topic is provided with each graphic, which might be helpful when you share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you are interested in the wider context, no problem, with just one click you will land on the post where the graphic was first published.

What’s next?

The Map Warehouse is our next project – we hope to offer maps of EU by country or region and the world by countries with different indicators. We will keep you posted!

So… do you like the idea? Please share your thoughts with us…

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