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Ask EP – Insight: EP elections, Ukraine, human rights, animal welfare

EP2014 European election night in Brussels. Agora Simone Veil lit in blue
European Union, 2014

The European elections in May were by far the most popular topic in the past few months with citizens writing to the European Parliament on a variety of issues, both during the pre- and post-election period and even on election day itself.

Other important issues for the period April to June 2014 included the on-going tension in Ukraine, preoccupation on human rights violations in various parts of the world and worries about animal welfare.

The Citizens’ Enquiries Unit (Ask EP) has published a quarterly review – Ask EP-Insight: April-June 2014 – focusing on the above mentioned topics and providing statistics for the second quarter of 2014.

The review’s main objective is to compile information on the issues covered in the questions sent by citizens to the European Parliament and to pass on citizens’ concerns to Members of the European Parliament and the institution as a whole.

Do you have any questions on these issues or another EP-related concern? Please use our web form. You write, we answer.


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