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#EPHearings2014: Meet the Commissioners-designate!

Updated on 16 October 2014

Hearings of Commissioners-designate seem like a standard practice in modern democracies, however, it was not until the Maastricht Treaty that the European Parliament finally obtained the power to formally vote on the appointment of the Commission as a whole. The first such hearings took place in 1995. Interestingly enough these were hearings of the Commissioners-designate of the first EU Commission that four years later resigned due to allegations of corruption. A democratic process with an ever stronger supervisory role of the EP was born.

Since then the EP endorsed four EU Commissions. As we reported last week, it was not always easy for Commissioner-designates to pass this “job interview”. And this time, the college of Jean Claude Juncker will have only 10 days to prepare for the hearings.

On Thursday, the EP’s Conference of Presidents adopted the schedule of the hearings. We will meet #TeamJunckerEU in the EP from 29 September – 7 October. You will be able to watch all the hearings publicly, however, we have prepared for you an overview of all 27 Commissioners-designate and their portfolios.

You can already find these overviews below, but do look for this blog later this week when we will publish more useful information regarding the hearings.



27 Commissioners-designate

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