The Cost of Non-Europe in the Single Market. Part III - Digital Single Market
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Cost of Non-Europe Reports identify the possibilities for economic or other gains and/or the realisation of a ‘public good’ through common action at EU level in specific policy areas and sectors. This Cost of Non-Europe Report seeks to analyse the costs for citizens, businesses and relevant stake-holders of remaining gaps and barriers in the European Single Market, building on and updating the 1988 Cecchini Report, which quantified its potential benefits.

Part III – Digital Single Market

This particular study – the third in a series – analyses the gaps in the European digital single market legislation which prevent attaining the benefits of a fully functioning e-commerce single market. It provides a qualitative appreciation of the existing legislation, identifying gaps where further legislative action at European level could be beneficial and quantifying the direct costs of failure to legislate and the potential broader economic impact of closing the gaps.

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