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20 – Trilogues

Number of trilogues per year and per committee

Number of trilogues per year and per committee

From July 2014 to June 2019, EP committees participated in a total of 1 184 trilogue meetings with the Council and Commission. The bar graph below shows the number of trilogues held by year since the beginning of the 2009-14 term, with a peak in 2013, notably reflecting decisions on programmes within the 2014-20 Multiannual Financial Framework.
In 2018, out of 315 trilogues, 299 involved a single committee, while in 16 cases, two committees took part. In 2019, 178 trilogues had a single committee participating. The pie chart shows which parliamentary committees were most involved in trilogues in 2018, the fourth full year of the 2014-19 term. It highlights the eight most active committees in terms of trilogues held, as a percentage of the total.

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