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Number of legislative and own-initiative reports

Number of legislative and own-initiative reports

Number of legislative and own-initiative reports

The chart below shows the number of reports adopted in each parliamentary committee between July 2014 and December 2017. ‘Own initiative reports’, represented by light orange bars, includes both legislative initiative and other own-initiative reports. ‘Legislative reports’, by blue bars, includes reports under the ordinary legislative procedure (co-decision), consent and consultation, as well as procedures relating to international agreements. ‘Other reports’, in dark orange, primarily relate to work under procedures specific to a given committee, such as on the budget, discharge, and questions of Members’ immunity in legal proceedings. The green bars concern procedures in which committees consider whether to object to a delegated or implementing act of the Commission, based on earlier legislative acts. Thirty-one reports were adopted jointly (under Rule 55) by two committees (and in one case by three committees), and are presented as a separate category.

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One thought on “Number of legislative and own-initiative reports

  1. Is there an overview of how many of the own-initiative reports actually ended up in “real” legislation because the Commission took them on board?


    Posted by Alexander | October 25, 2019, 15:43

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