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24 – Committees


There are 20 standing committees (and two sub-committees) in the EP, each covering a different policy area. They draw up reports for consideration in the plenary – on both legislative and non-legislative matters – and hold the executive to account. The seats on each committee are distributed among the Parliament’s political groups in the same proportions as the seats they hold in the Parliament as a whole. The chart below lists the committees of the EP, ordered by the number of MEPs who sit on them. It shows the chairs, elected by the members of each committee, together with their political group and nationality. The chairs of the committees meet together in the Conference of Committee Chairs, and have elected Antonio Tajani, Chair of the Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) Committee, as their chair for the first half of the current parliamentary term. The pie chart shows the distribution of committee chairs between the political groups, using the same colour code as before.

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