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3 – New and re-elected MEPs

New and re-elected MEPs in 2019

New and re-elected MEPs in 2019

New MEPs are defined as those who have never sat in the European Parliament before. They represent 58% of the total. The percentage varies between 85% in Slovakia – where 11 of 13 MEPs are new – and 33% in Malta (2 of 6). Among the political groups, a new group, Identity and Democracy (ID), has the highest percentage of new MEPs, with 59 new MEPs out of 73.
Over the 2014-19 term, a total of 112 MEPs were replaced for different reasons. Forty-one MEPs resigned, seven died, and 60 were appointed to an office incompatible with membership of the European Parliament – for instance, they became members of their national parliaments or governments.

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