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The Cost of Non-Europe in Transport

Written by Monika Nogaj and Eulalia Claros
Updated in March 2015

Transport is a vital component of the EU economy with huge untapped potential. The sector suffers however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs and that could be addressed through further action at EU level.


The gains that could be achieved from addressing the identified issues in the four modes of transport – rail, road, air and maritime – are estimated to amount to at least 8.6 billion euros annually. While the four sectors show similarities in terms of market fragmentation and lack of competitiveness, each sector requires its own approach to reform.

This document summarises the main elements that build up the Cost of Non-Europe in the transport sector.

Read the pdf of this Infographic here
For more information see a detailed study on which this infographic is based.
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