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Mountain and coastal aquifers

Mountain and coastal aquifers

Mountain and coastal aquifers

The Mountain Aquifer The Mountain Aquifer (Yarkon
Tanninim Aquifer) is the largest and highest-quality
water resource in the region.It extends over 130 km from Mount Carmel in the north to Beersheva in the south and is roughly 35 km wide. It is divided into three basins: the Western Aquifer Basin (WAB),
the North-Eastern Aquifer Basin (NEAB) and the Eastern
Aquifer Basin (EAB). Approximately 80% of its
recharge area is from rainfall in the West Bank (WAB),
according to a report by the Israel Water Authority. Due to its hydrological characteristics, it is vulnerable
to groundwater pollution which puts the high quality of
its water at risk. Seepages of large quantities of untreated sewage or waste into the ground threaten the continued use of the aquifer’s water and there is already evidence of pollution in some locations.
Unauthorised drilling has also been cited as a problem.

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