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The EU and migration [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

The migration crisis has eased since the agreement in March between the European Union and Turkey closed one major route through which people had been trying to reach Europe. A long-term solution to a better management of migration flows still appears elusive, as the Turkey deal could still unravel and other migration routes become more widely used. EU member states are also divided over the issue of ‘redistributing’ migrants among themselves. A debate continues among policy-makers on how to overhaul the current asylum rules and create a ‘Dublin IV’ while the EU ponders reaching an agreement with other countries similar to the one it has negotiated with Turkey.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and studies on migration from major international think tanks and research institutes. More papers on the same topic can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think Tanks are thinking’, published in May.

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Documenting the migration crisis in the Mediterranean: Spaces of transit, migration management and migrant agency
Centre for European Policy Studies, September 2016

Les Européens et la question migratoire
Fondation Robert Schuman, September 2016

Migration in Europe: Bridging the solidarity gap
Carnegie Europe, September 2016

Stopping migration is impossible; managing it is smarter
European Council on Foreign Relations, September 2016

Win-win solutions to Europe’s refugee crisis
Friends of Europe, September 2016

What’s driving the global refugee crisis?
International Crisis Group, September 2016

Towards Dublin IV: Sharing norms, responsibility and costs
Notre Europe, Jacques Delors Institute, August 2016

Understanding and addressing public anxiety about immigration
Migration Policy Institute, July 2016

Europeans migrating abroad, and back
European Union Institute for Security Studies, July 2016

The climate change and migration nexus in a global context: What role for the EU in protecting climate migrants?
Heinrich Böll Stiftung, July 2016

People on the move: The new global (dis)order
European Union Institute for Security Studies, June 2016

Der erste Gipfel der Vereinten Nationen zu großen Wanderungsbewegungen
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, July 2016

Strengthening the migration-development nexus through improved policy and institutional coherence
Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, June 2016

A new asylum policy for Europe? Opting for a rights’ based approach
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte, June 2016

Facts on the European dimension of displacement and asylum: Lebanon
Bertelsmann Stiftung, June 2016

Rethinking asylum distribution in the EU: Shall we start with the facts?
Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2016

Improving education for migrant-background students: A Transatlantic comparison of school funding
Migration Policy Institute, Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Integration und Migration, June 2016

Efficient solidarity mechanisms in asylum policy
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, June 2016

Towards Dublin IV: Sharing norms, responsibility and costs
Jacques Delors Institute, June 2016

An analysis of the Schengen area in the wake of recent developments
Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2016

Europe and its migration conundrum
Clingendael, June 2016

Understanding the creation of public consensus: Migration and integration in Germany, 2005 to 2015
Migration Policy Institute, June 2016

Rethinking asylum distribution in the EU: Shall we start with the facts?
Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2016

The European dream: Parallel to the American dream?
Mendel European Centre, June 2016

Europe and the refugees: A crisis of values
European Policy Centre, June 2016

The impact of immigration policies on French firms
Institut français des relations internationales, June 2016

EU budgetary responses to the ‘refugee crisis’: Reconfiguring the funding landscape
Centre for European Policy Studies, May 2016

Migration and FDI: Reconciling the standard trade theory with empirical evidence
Institut für Weltwirtschaft Kiel, May 2016

Should Europe be concerned about climate refugees?
Chatham House, May 2016

Why Schengen matters and how to keep it: A five point plan
Centre for European Reform, May 2016

Links between terrorism and migration: An exploration
International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, May 2016

Refugees work: A humanitarian investment that yields economic dividends
Open Political Economy Network, May 2016

Maintaining public trust in the governance of migration
Migration Policy Institute, May 2016

The political communication of the refugee crisis in Central and Eastern Europe
Foundation for European Progressive Studies, May 2016

At the gate of Europe: A report on refugees on the Western Balkan route
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, May 2016

Navigating the Aegean: What the EU ought to know, and say, about refugees and the Greek islands
European Stability Initiative, May 2016

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