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Turkey: Economic indicators and trade with EU

GDP per capita - Turkey

GDP per capita - Turkey

Written by Philippe Perchoc and Giulio Sabbati (both EPRS),

In cooperation with Caterina Francesca Guidi (from GlobalStat | EUI),

The EU is Turkey’s number one trading partner, and Turkey the EU’s fifth trading partner – and the only one with which the EU has concluded a custom union. Turkish growth remains strong (4% in 2015 against 2% for the EU), even if unemployment remains at a high level, around 9%. Nevertheless, Turkey’s economy is driven by exports and foreign investment, inflation remains strong (around 7%, while the euro area aims at 2%) and the Turkish lira remains volatile. In the framework of accession negotiations, the EU is assisting Turkey with reforms, to a total budget of €4 454 million (2014-2020). Our infographic, produced in close cooperation with GlobalStat, provides a quick and useful overview of Turkey’s main economic and trade data, as well as of the EU’s financial assistance.

Download this infographic on ‘Turkey: Economic indicators and trade with EU‘ in PDF.

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GDP per capita - Turkey
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