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Current priorities and challenges in EU agricultural policy [Policy Podcast]

Written by James McEldowney,

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The European Commission’s work programme for 2017 includes a commitment to progress and consult widely on the simplification and modernisation of the common agricultural policy (CAP). A public consultation exercise was launched at the beginning of February 2017 and closed on 2 May 2017. A number of stakeholder organisations and think tanks have issued their reflections on the future shape of EU agricultural policy post 2020. In the last reform of the CAP, the European Parliament had a key role to play in this process. Both the Parliament and the Council will have responsibility to legislate on the Commission’s proposals. A key role is performed by the Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. Future discussions on these matters can therefore be anticipated.

The Maltese Presidency has identified a number of priorities to guide the discussion on future policy and also held a debate earlier in the year on the future of the CAP in the Agriculture Council. A communication is expected from the Commission before the end of 2017.

This briefing provides a short overview of these issues, along with a summary of the key elements of the current CAP, some key features of EU agriculture including the prospects for the main agricultural markets based on the Commission’s most recent agricultural outlook report. Recent developments in Council are also covered, and a number of stakeholder perspectives are highlighted.

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