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Legislative trains schedule – checking progress on EU legislation

Written by Katarzyna Sochacka,

Thanks to Parliament’s legislative train schedule application, it is possible to check on the progress of European legislation at any time. The ten priorities set out in 2014 by Jean‑Claude Juncker for his five-year term as President of the European Commission represent the core of this online system. His set of political guidelines should lead to action in a number of fields where the European Parliament has previously called for the Commission to make new legislative proposals or put forward other measures, and the app tracks this follow-up.

Parliament has added six additional ‘trains’ added to the app, to cover ongoing work by Parliament that is not included in President Juncker’s priorities. This gives the reader a more complete picture of the legislative work undertaken by the European institutions during this parliamentary term.

Today, Parliament is publishing a new version, updated following President Juncker’s 2017 State of the Union address. The schedule includes almost 490 ‘carriages’, each representing one specific legislative file. Each file contains a concise, content-rich and reader-friendly description of the evolution of a legislative project. Policy analysts in the EPRS Members’ Research Service (MRS), who are the authors of these texts, have also included a range of sources of topical information, including briefings published by MRS.

As of today, the legislative trains schedule will provide the reader with a more complete picture of EU legislative work, with progress in legislating now updated on a monthly basis.

Remember to come back to check the state of play at the end of the month, and visit the legislative train schedule website.

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