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Priorities and specific objectives of Horizon 2020

Priorities and specific objectives of Horizon 2020

Table 1 – Priorities and specific objectives of Horizon 2020

The programme has three main priorities, each with a set of specific objectives. There are also two independent specific objectives. The whole schema can be seen in Table 1.
Source: Regulation (EU) 1291/2013.

The ‘Excellent science’ priority aims to help individual researchers and teams work in subjects at the frontier of science and on new high-risk ideas, improve training, and exchange and career opportunities for researchers, and develop excellent research infrastructures with the objectives of reinforcing the EU science base, consolidating the ERA and making Europe’s research and innovation system more competitive globally.
The ‘Industrial leadership’ priority aims to support the development of new technologies and innovations that will enable the companies of the future, facilitate access to venture capital, and help innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) become world-leading enterprises.
The ‘Societal challenges’ priority targets the policy priorities and societal challenges of the Europe 2020 strategy. It supports research and innovation in those areas that will become critical in the near future or will strongly affect the lives of EU’s citizens.

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