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President Trump’s record to date [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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Donald Trump has made a number of highly controversial decisions during his first 13 months as US President – whether on foreign trade, climate change, migration, taxation or health care. His unorthodox communication style, often using emotional tweets, has frequently confused both domestic and international audiences. Although his “America First” polices have not gone as far as some have feared, and he has presided over a period of continued economic growth, there remains very considerable anxiety about the path ahead.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports published by major international think tanks on Donald Trump’s presidency so far.

Relations with the EU and NATO

The U.S.–France special relationship after a year of Trump
German Marshall Fund, February 2018

The art of sticking with the nuclear deal: Why Europe should defy Trump on Iran
Centre for European Policy Studies, February 2018

Taking stock of the Transatlantic relationship after one year of Trump
Atlantic Council, February 2018

Trump’s European misstep
Carnegie Europe, February 2018

Saving Transatlantic cooperation and the Iran nuclear deal
Rand Europe, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, February 2018

Trump: The new dividing line in European politics
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

Transatlantic relations: Converging or diverging?
Chatham House, January 2018

Beyond European versus Transatlantic defense
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

Trump’s NATO policy ‘trending positive’
Atlantic Council, January 2018

In the era of Trump, can Europe step up on global democracy?
Carnegie Europe, December 2017

Trump’s message to Europe
Carnegie Europe, December 2017

US trade policy in the age of Trump: What role for Europe in the “New Nationalism”?
European Policy Centre, November 2017

A year after: Trump and Transatlantic relations in a time of risk
German Marshall Fund, November 2017

EU-China relations in the era of Donald Trump
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, October 2017

The transatlantic meaning of Donald Trump: A US-EU power audit
European Council on Foreign Relations, September 2017

Trump and Brexit
Bertelsmann Stiftung, September 2017

Security and international relations

Our take on Donald Trump’s first State of the Union
Atlantic Council, February 2018

Trump’s nuclear posture review
Clingendael, February 2018

One year of Trump
Atlantic Council, January 2018

Washington’s New Defense Strategy: Bridging the Transatlantic gap?
Carnegie Europe, February 2018

A year of Trump vs. Kim: Rhetoric gone nuclear
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

Trump’s diplomatic initiatives have isolated the United States
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

One year of President Trump: Views from around the world
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

Trump y el mundo: Un año de política exterior
Fundacion Real Instituto Elcano, January 2018

Trump im Aufwind: Mit der Wirtschaft wuchern, von Problemen ablenken
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, January 2018

The Donald J. Trump administration as seen from Tokyo: Will the US-Japan alliance remain unique?
Istituto Affari Internazionali, January 2018

Trump Security Strategy: A study in contrasts
Council on Foreign Relations, December 2017

Russia, Trump, and the 2016 U.S. election
Council on Foreign Relations, December 2017

Brookings experts on Trump’s National Security Strategy
Brookings Institution, December 2017

The contested global landscape in Trump’s New Security Strategy
German Marshall Fund, December 2017

U.S.-China counter-terrorism co-operation and its perspective on human rights
Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques, December 2017

Trump ou la diplomatie du choc: Les enjeux de Jérusalem capitale
La vie des idées, December 2017

United States policy in the Middle East: The need for a grand strategy
Institute for National Security Studies, November 2017

Western options in a multipolar world
Atlantic Council, November 2017

Trump, un an après: Un monde à l’état de nature?
Institut français des relations internationales, November 2017

Les Etats-Unis face à la Chine, de Henry Kissinger à Donald Trump
Institut français des relations internationales, November 2017

Mourning for America’: Donald Trump’s climate change policy
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, November 2017

Less is more? The US at the UN
European Union Institute for Strategic Studies, October 2017

U.S.-China tensions: Interplay between economics and politics
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, October 2017

Does Donald Trump have a grand strategy?
Chatham House, September 2017

Meeting U.S. deterrence requirements
Brookings Institution, September 2017

Trump and the Paris Agreement: Better out than in
Bruegel, September 2017

Trade and economics

Why has the stock market risen so much since the US presidential election?
Peterson Institute for International Economics, February 2018

The President’s infrastructure proposal misses the mark: Too much cynicism, too little leadership
Brookings Institution, February 2018

Is Trump remaking American trade enforcement policy?
Brookings Institution, February 2018

Trump’s formula for growing the U.S. economy: What will work and what won’t
Brookings Institution, February 2018

Trump in Asia: The year in review
Peterson Institute for International Economics, January 2018

The international economic consequences of Mr. Trump
Bruegel, January 2018

U.S. trade policy in the Asia-Pacific region under President Trump: Implications for the European Union
German Marshall Fund, January 2018

Trump plays Reagan’s game on tariffs and taxes
Peterson Institute for International Economics, December 2017

Trade policy under President Trump: Implications for the US and the world
Chatham House, November 2017

Trump and the national debt
Council on Foreign Relations, November 2017

U.S. corporate tax reform
Council on Foreign Relations, November 2017

Trump unrestrained
Peterson Institute for International Economics, November 2017

Domestic situation and other reports

Will the Trump presidency turn out to be Watergate, McCarthyism or something else entirely?
Brookings Institution, February 2018

What Donald Trump can learn from Napoleon III
International Institute for Strategic Studies, February 2018

The U.S. immigration debate
Council on Foreign Relations, February 2018

From 14 points to 280 characters: Trump vs Wilson
Centre for European Reform, January 2018

Immigration under Trump: a review of policy shifts in the year since the election
Migration Policy Institute, December 2017

Saving the liberal order from itself
Institut Français des Relations Internationales, December 2018

A listening tour through Trump territory: Public policy and the “towns in between”
Progressive Policy Institute, August 2017

Read this briefing on ‘President Trump’s record to date‘ on the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.



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