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Bus and coach passengers [What Europe does for you]

With European elections coming up in May 2019, you probably want to know how the European Union impacts your daily life, before you think about voting. In the latest in a series of posts on what Europe does for you, your family, your business and your wellbeing, we look at what Europe does for bus and coach passengers.

Bus and coach passengers should have the same level of protection and assistance as is provided for users of other forms of transport. The EU has adopted specific rules for regular coach services of 250 km or more that start and end in an EU country.

When selling a coach ticket in the EU, companies cannot ask customers to pay a higher price because of their nationality. If the service is cancelled or delayed, EU passengers are entitled to adequate and timely information. If a company overbooks, cancels or delays a service beyond two hours, EU customers have a choice between a refund and alternative travel to their destination under comparable conditions at no extra cost. If the company refuses, EU passengers are entitled to additional compensation of 50 % of the cost of the ticket.

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For trips lasting more than three hours, which are cancelled or delayed by more than 90 minutes, EU customers are also entitled to meals, refreshments and assistance. The EU rules mean that accommodation is covered (maximum two nights, €80/night). Disabled people can request special assistance, with 36 hours’ notice, at agreed terminals and on board. The person accompanying the individual concerned may be transported free of charge. Compensation is also available for damage to wheelchairs.

The EU makes sure that passengers are able make a complaint if their trip doesn’t go to plan. And if there is an accident during a coach trip, travellers are entitled to compensation for death, personal injury and for loss or damage to their luggage.

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