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The European elections and thereafter [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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On 23-26 May, 2019, European Union citizens elected a more fragmented European Parliament than its predecesor, with the two main political groups – the European People’s Party and the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats losing some ground, and the Liberals, now known as Renew Europe, and the Greens-European Free Alliance strengthening their representation. Gains made by Eurosceptic and populist groups proved more limited than had been predicted.

This note brings together commentaries, analyses and studies by major international think tanks and research institutes on European elections and its aftermath.

The threats to the European Union’s economic sovereignty
Bruegel, July 2019

Time for deputy prime ministers for European affairs
European Council on Foreign Relations, July 2019

Was uns der Streit um die Besetzung der EU-Spitzenposten lehrt
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, July 2019

Spitzenkandidaten poker
European Council on Foreign Relations, July 2019

Can Ursula von der Leyen save the Transatlantic relationship?
Carnegie Europe, July 2019

Europa und der Westen
Hanns Seidel Stiftung, July 2019

How to govern a fragmented EU: What Europeans said at the ballot box
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2019

Juncker ou la plus-value européenne. Le bilan positif de la Commission européenne (2014-2019)
Fondation Robert Schumann, June 2019

Europe according to Jacques Delors
Institut Jacques Delors, June 2019

Comparative trends in EU governance
Clingendael, July 2019

A strategic agenda for the new EU leadership
Bruegel, June 2019

The seven qualities of a European Commission
Notre Europe, June 2019

EU security ambitions are hostage to the Brexit process
Chatham House, June 2019

Untapped potential: How new alliances can strengthen the EU
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2019

A redefinition of ‘Spitzenkandidaten’
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, June 2019

Democracy after the European Parliament elections
Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2019

Democracy after the European Parliament elections
Carnegie Europe, June 2019

Keine Entwarnung nach der Europawahl
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, June 2019

The European Parliament elections: No grounds for complacency
Centre for European Reform, June 2019

Après les élections du 26 mai, la ‘doctrine Macron’ à l’assaut de l’Europe
Institut Thomas More, June 2019

After the European Parliament election: Another chance to bridge Europe’s divides
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2019

The importance of building a European democracy
Friends of Europe, June 2019

European elections: Promoting a coalition agreement between four political families
Notre Europe, June 2019

Europe: Is the system broken?
German Marshall Fund, June 2019

Europe’s citizens say they want a more political EU
Bruegel, June 2019

The EU: The chance for a fresh impetus
Real Instituto Elcano, June 2019

Time for strong new EU leaders
Carnegie Europe, June 2019

EU parliamentary democracy: How representative?
Centre for European Policy Studies, May 2019

A democratic celebration for more Europe
Bertelsmann Stiftung, May 2019

European Parliament election results: The long view
Bruegel, May 2019

What Europeans really feel: The battle for the political system
European Council on Foreign Relations, May 2019

European elections: Quest for unity in the diversity of winners
Notre Europe, May 2019

Parlement européen: Un nouvel équilibre… mais pas eurosceptique
Fondation Robert Schumann, May 2019

The end of monogamy in Europe?
European Council on Foreign Relations, May 2019

Do these European Parliament elections matter?
Centre for European Reform, May 2019

The European elections: Signs of things to come for Brexit
Federal Trust for Education and Research, May 2019

Around the halls: Brookings experts analyze the European Parliament election results
Brookings Institution, May 2019

The new European Parliament
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, May 2019

The European election in Germany
Heinrich Böll Stiftung, May 2019

Europe’s smaller parties win big in European Parliament elections
Atlantic Council, May 2019

Read this briefing on ‘The European elections and thereafter‘ in the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

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