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Coronavirus: Financing the recovery [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

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As the coronavirus pandemic now appears to have peaked in several parts of the world, analysts are turning their attention to how best to revive economies from the abrupt and severe economic downturns they have been suffering as result of the lockdowns imposed over the last three months. Among the tools in play are macro-economic policy (spending and taxation measures), monetary policy and sector-specific support or incentives. They are also reflecting on how best to counter the impact of the crisis depending on the type of economy concerned (notably advanced industrialised or emerging market economies).

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports from international think tanks on coronavirus and related issues. Earlier publications on the topic can be found in the previous item in this series, published by EPRS on 28 May.

Covid-19 and emerging economies: What to expect in the short- and medium-term
Bruegel, June 2020

Five ways that the coronavirus should transform the EU
European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2020

Upholding freedom of movement in a post-lockdown world
Friends of Europe, June 2020

Pandemic politics: Is there a right time, and way, to protest during a pandemic?
Brookings Institution, June 2020

Graphing the pandemic economy
Council on Foreign Relations, June 2020

The right kind of standard to fight a pandemic
European Centre for International Political Economy, June 2020

Quelle Europe de la supply chain et des approvisionnements?
Fondation Robert Schuman, June 2020

Living with Covid-19: The thinking behind Spain’s lockdown exit plan
Elcano Royal Institute, June 2020

Le bien public mondial, au-delà des mots
Institut français des relations internationales, June 2020

Turkey’s ‘coronavirus diplomacy’ and its impact on relations with the EU
Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale, June 2020

The three pillars of Turkey’s Syria policy in the face of Covid-19
Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale, June 2020

38 million have applied for unemployment: But how many have received benefits?
Rand Corporation, June 2020

A Just Transition Fund: How the EU budget can help with the transition
Bruegel, May 2020

The EU recovery plan: A ‘Merkel’ but not a ‘Hamilton’ moment
Atlantic Council, May 2020

Globalization paradox and the coronavirus pandemic
Clingendael, May 2020

Covid-19: How to finance the debt?
Chatham House, May 2020

The MFF recovery plan breaks with a fundamental taboo
Centre for European Policy Studies, May 2020

What’s the ECB doing in response to the Covid-19 crisis?
Centre for European Policy Studies, May 2020

The Franco-German bond to the rescue
Centre for European Policy Studies, May 2020

European coronavirus lockdown status
German Marshall Fund, May 2020

Securing Europe’s medical supply chains against future shocks
Centre for European Reform, May 2020

Reopening America and the world
Brookings Institution, May 2020

An uncompromising budget
Bruegel, May 2020

Trigger warning: Germany, the law, and burden-sharing
European Council om Foreign Relations, May 2020

Covid-19’s reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economies
Bruegel, May 2020

The recovery fund faces a tricky passage
Centre for European Reform, May 2020

The Covid-19 crisis in emerging markets demands a once-in-a-century response
Council on Foreign Relations, May 2020

Covid-19 and India: Economic impact and response
Bruegel, May 2020

Reading tea leaves from China’s two sessions: Large monetary and fiscal stimulus and still no growth guarantee
Bruegel, May 2020

Minimum wage and the EU: Happily ever after?
European Policy Centre, May 2020

Economic crisis reveals shortcomings of China’s overseas lending
International Institute for Strategic Studies, May 2020

After Covid-19: Economic security in EU-Asia connectivity
Egmont, May 2020

The coronavirus must push Europe to rescue multilateralism
Carnegie Europe, May 2020

The uncertain pandemic consensus
Peterson Institute for International Economics, May 2020

The role of greater cohesion funding for solidarity and sustainability post-Covid-19
Institute for European Environmental Policy, May 2020

Securing Europe’s medical supply chains against future shocks
Centre for European Reform, May 2020

DRC: Living with coronavirus
Chatham House, May 2020

Après-ski: The spread of coronavirus from Ischgl through Germany
Kiel Institute for the World Economy, May 2020

En Grèce, un succès sanitaire avant un nouvel effondrement économique?
Institut Jacques Delors, May 2020

Coronavirus should spur DoD to build back resilience and agility
Atlantic Council, May 2020

What is the world doing to create a Covid-19 vaccine?
Council on Foreign Relations, May 2020

Planète nucléaire: Le TNP à l’épreuve de la Covid-19
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, May 2020

Sri Lanka’s other Covid-19 crisis: Is parliamentary democracy at risk?
International Crisis Group, May 2020

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