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Agreed reinforcements by instrument

Figure 2 – Agreed reinforcements by instrument

Figure 2 – Agreed reinforcements by instrument

During the years 2022-2027, the overall level of MFF resources will gradually increase to €1 085.3 billion for commitments and €1 072.06 billion for payments (2018 prices), thanks to a new article negotiated by Parliament that introduces annual upward adjustments of the relevant ceilings. The financing of this €11 billion reinforcement will be linked to revenue stemming from competition fines, in line with Parliament’s long-standing call for such revenue to finance the EU budget. The top-ups will go to seven flagship programmes providing EU common goods, such as research, health, Erasmus+ and border management, based on an allocation key set in the new Annex II. Some of these programmes as well as two other instruments and Frontex (the Border and Coast Guard Agency) will receive a further €4 billion from the re-use of de-committed funds for research (another recurrent demand from Parliament), reflows from predecessor instruments and unused margins (see Figure 2). In addition, Parliament ensured a €1 billion increase for the Flexibility Instrument, and had limitations to its use removed from the Regulation.

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