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Visit the Jean Monnet House

Written by Joanna Apap,

A visit to the Jean Monnet House is to immerse yourself in the location where the idea of a united Europe took its first steps. It was here where the founding text of European integration, the Declaration of 9 May 1950 by Robert Schuman (then French Minister for Foreign Affairs), was written. Although temporarily closed to visitors due to Covid‑19, the Jean Monnet House continues to encourage European citizens to discover Europe’s history and the life and work of the man called the ‘architect of a united Europe’, by providing access to exhibitions, news, and teaching materials for schools on the Jean Monnet House website.

As the owner of the Jean Monnet House, the European Parliament launched the EP Network of Political Houses and Foundations of Great Europeans in November 2017. The network aims to develop a broader family of the houses and foundations of leading figures who have made a significant contribution to the process of European integration since 1945, in order to federate them and engage in common projects. It also allows the Parliament to draw upon their knowledge and expertise, notably in providing another avenue for interaction with people throughout Europe, and helping the houses and foundations to develop closer links to the work of the Parliament.

Inspired by the project to unite the peoples of Europe, convinced that working together was the only way to ensure lasting peace, Jean Monnet employed pragmatic methods to highlight Europeans’ common interests. His house in Houjarray showcases the legacy he left for all European citizens, and traces the history of a united Europe to the present day. Once the house reopens, you can book a visit or educational workshop via this link:

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