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Written by Lena Hirschenberger.

How do you think Europe should develop? is inviting young Europeans to outline ideas on the issues that Europe is facing today and visions for the Europe of tomorrow. This online platform is available for young people to share ideas on specific topics and questions, not least related to Parliament’s initiatives for youth.

Your ideas will enrich the biennial European Youth Event (EYE) programme as well as provide inspiration and input for other European Parliament youth initiatives. Moreover, will forward a selection of the ideas to the Members of the European Parliament and other policy-makers, inviting them to join the debate.

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has compiled a selection of publications and multimedia products to provide you with background information and insights.

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Climate Change and Environment

European climate law, ‘EU Legislation in Progress’ briefing, June 2021

EU climate action in ocean governance and fisheries policy, Briefing, April 2021

Building up resilience to cross-border health threats, Briefing, April 2021

EU hydrogen policy: Hydrogen as an energy carrier for a climate-neutral economy, Briefing, April 2021

Types of hydrogen, Video, May 2021

Cohesion policy and climate change, ‘At a Glance’ note, March 2021

EU Climate Action Policy, Study, March 2021

Climate change and climate action, Ideas paper, July 2020

Matching priorities and resources in the EU budget: Climate action, migration and borders, Video, May 2021
Reparability: longer-lasting electronics, EPRS Video, May 2021
What if we could engineer the planet to help fight climate change?, Science and Technology podcast, March 2021
Green and sustainable finance, Policy Podcast, March 2021


Boosting cooperation on health technology assessment, Legislation in progress briefing, July 2021

Building up resilience to cross-border health threats: Moving towards a European health union, Briefing, April 2021

European Union food system, Briefing, September 2020

Mental health and the pandemic, Briefing, July 2021

Global Health Summit, ‘At a glance’ note, May 2021

5 facts about organic farming, Video, September 2021
Tailoring medicine to patient needs, Video, March 2021
Most important factors when buying food, Video, May 2020
Alcohol labelling, Policy Podcast, December 2021
The rise of digital health technologies during the pandemic, Policy Podcast, April 2021

A stronger economy, social justice and jobs

Social and employment policies in Europe, Ideas paper, September 2020

The future of work, Ideas paper, February 2021

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2021, Video, February 2021
Living in the EU: Work before the coronavirus crisis, Video, July 2020


Migrant seasonal workers in the European agricultural sector, Briefing, February 2021

Vulnerability of unaccompanied and separated child migrants, Briefing, April 2021

EU policies to fight racial discrimination, Briefing, March 2021

Empowering migrants into the EU labour market, Video, September 2021
The external dimension of the new pact on migration and asylum: A focus on prevention and readmission, Policy Podcast, May 2021
Search and rescue in the Mediterranean, Policy Podcast, February 2021

Values and Rights, Rule of Law, Security

EU civil protection capabilities, Ideas paper, July 2020

The rights of LGBTI people in the European Union, Briefing, November 2020

Protecting EU common values within the Member States, Video, February 2021
The road to LGBTI equality, Video, May 2021
EU legislation and policies to fight racial and ethnic discrimination, Policy Podcast, April 2021

Digital Transformation

The deepfake menace: a gendered issue, Video, August 2021
Can we protect society from the deepfake menace?, Video, August 2021
What is a smart village?, Video, April 2021
Workplace Monitoring In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence, Video, February 2021
Potentially negative effects of internet use, Video, November 2020
Regulating digital gatekeepers: Background on the future digital markets act, Policy Podcast, January 2021

Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

Lifelong Learning, Animated infographic, January 2021

Digital Cultural diversity, Briefing, April 2021

Lifelong Learning, Video, March 2021
The future of tertiary education in Europe, Video, November 2020

EU in the World

Addressing violations of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, Ideas paper, September 2020

Protecting, promoting and projecting Europe’s values and interests in the world, Ideas paper, September 2020

Slowing down or changing track? Understanding the dynamics of ‘Slowbalisation’, Video, December 2020
What is Strategic Autonomy?, Video, November 2020
EU-USA: a transatlantic technology alliance, Video, September 2021
EU-USA: a transatlantic climate alliance, Video, September 2021

European Democracy

Strengthening media freedom in the EU, Briefing, November 2020

A practice of democracy – A selection of civic engagement initiatives, Study, June 2020

Addressing violations of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, Ideas paper, September 2020

What could be the future of democracy?, Video, September 2020

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