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Conference on the Future of Europe: A stronger economy, social justice and jobs

CoFoE A better economy, social justice, jobs

CoFoE A better economy, social justice, jobs

Written by Innovation & Strategy

The Conference on the Future of Europe’s aim is to debate how the EU should develop in the future and to give European citizens a voice in the process, announced Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her inaugural address.

People’s ideas will be collected on the Digital Platform, in European Citizens’ Panels and de-centralised conference events all over Europe. The Conference Plenary – comprised of representatives of the Citizens’ Panels, the Parliament, the Council, the Commission, national parliaments, the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee, social partners and the European Youth Forum – will then discuss the ideas put forward. Launched in April 2021, the conference is expected to reach conclusions and provide guidance for the European institutions to follow up, by spring 2022.

The conference topics are divided into nine areas, with one additional ‘open’ area, reserved for out-of-the-box ideas. The topics are: ‘Climate change and the environment‘, ‘Health‘, ‘A stronger economy, social justice and jobs‘, ‘European Union in the world‘, ‘Values and rights, rule of law, security‘, ‘Digital transformation‘, ‘European democracy‘, ‘Migration‘, ‘Education, culture, youth and sport‘, and ‘Other ideas‘.

Discussion in this category will cover questions such as: How can we best repair the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic? How should we invest in our single market to ensure sustainable economic growth and create new jobs? How can the European Union support citizens’ rights and ensure the economy works for everyone?

To support the proceedings of the conference, our EPRS policy analysts have prepared research material, available here in reverse chronological order. The following list will continually be updated as the conference unfolds:

Recovery plan for Europe: state of play
Briefing by Magdalena Sapala, EPRS, June 2021

Animated infographic: Just Transition Fund
Last updated: October 2021

The European Pillar of Social Rights: Gothenburg, Porto and beyond
Briefing by Nora Milotay, EPRS, May 2021  

Cohesion, resilience and values. Heading 2 of the 2021-2027 MFF
Briefing by Magdalena Sapala, EPRS, April 2021

The future of work: trends, challenges and potential initiatives
Briefing by Monika Kiss, EPRS Ideas Papers, February 2021

Green and sustainable finance
Briefing by Stefano Spinaci, EPRS, February 2021

Towards a more resilient Europe post-coronavirus: Options to enhance the EUs’ resilience to structural risks
Study by Étienne Bassot, Franck Debié, Stanislas de Finance and Astrid Worum, EPRS, April 2021

Covid 19: The need for a gendered response
Briefing by Rosamund  Shreeves, EPRS, February 2021

Digital automation and the future of work
Study by David Spencer, Matt Cole, Simon Joyce, Xanthe Whittaker and Mark Stuart, EPRS-STOA, January 2021

The right to disconnect
Plenary at a glance by Nora Milotay, January 2021  

Next generation or lost generation. Children, young people and the pandemic
Briefing by Nora Milotay, EPRS, December 2020

Data subjects, digital surveillance, AI and the future of work
Study by Phoebe V. Moore, EPRS -STOA, December 2020

What future for the social economy?
Briefing by Nora Milotay, EPRS, November 2020

Recent trends in female employment
Briefing by Monika Kiss, EPRS, October 2020

Improving the quality of public spending in Europe
Study by Jerome Leon Saulnier, EPRS -EAVA, October 2020

Social and employment policies in Europe
Briefing by Nora Milotay, EPRS Ideas Papers, September 2020

Social governance in the EU: Managing complex systems
In-depth analysis by Nora Milotay , EPRS, May 2020

The impact of the free movement of economically active citizens within the EU
Briefing by Klaus Mueller, EPRS -EAVA, December 2019

Women in EU fisheries
October 2021

Empowering migrants into the EU job market
August 2021

Évolution de la pauvreté dans l’Union européenne (FR)
March 2021

Covid-19 increases women’s unpaid care work
March 2021