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Age of MEP’s by MS

Age of MEPs by Member State

Age of MEPs by Member State

The graph shows the average age of MEPs, together with the maximum and minimum age, per Member State. The average age of Members on 1 April 2018 was 55 years, with the oldest member aged 89 (from France) and the youngest 29 (a Bulgarian and a Spanish Member).
At the constituent session in July 2014 the average was 53 years, with the oldest Member aged 91 (from Greece) and the youngest 26 (from Denmark).
Between July 2014 and April 2018, 92 MEPs have been replaced for different reasons. Thirty-six MEPs resigned, 6 died and 50 were appointed to an office incompatible with membership of the European Parliament – for instance they became members of their national parliaments or governments.

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