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Victims of terrorism

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What measures is the European Parliament taking to combat terrorism?


Outlook for the meetings of EU leaders on 10-11 December 2020

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The fight against terrorism: Cost of Non-Europe Report

Terrorist content online: Tackling online terrorist propaganda [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy Podcast]

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The EU and counter-terrorism [Topical Digest]

Terrorism [Ten issues to watch in 2018]

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Explosives precursors: Fighting the misuse of chemicals by terrorists [EU Legislation in Progress]

Plenary round-up – November I 2020

Trump’s disinformation ‘magaphone’: Consequences, first lessons and outlook

EU efforts on counter-terrorism – Capacity-building in third countries [Policy podcast]

Understanding the EU’s response to illicit drugs [Policy Podcast]

The situation in Afghanistan: Essential benchmarks for EU engagement

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Passenger name records (PNR) for the prevention of terrorist offences and serious crime [European Parliament impact 2014-2019]

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