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European Youth Event – Young Ideas for Europe 2021

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Youth empowerment [Policy Podcast]

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More EU funding to fight unemployment: Youth Employment Initiative [European Parliament impact 2014-2019]

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EPRS publications for the European Youth Event 2018

Scouts [What Europe does for you]

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What is the European Youth Event?

Erasmus 2021-2027: The Union programme for education, training, youth and sport [EU Legislation in Progress]

Youth empowerment [Ten issues to watch in 2018]

Youth challenges and opportunities in the Western Balkans

How the Budget is spent: Youth Employment Initiative

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning & automation: what future for journalism?

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European Parliament Plenary Session – May 2021

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From AI to zero-waste life – An A-Z of EPRS resources on 35 policy topics

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EPRS Event: Economic and Social policies for young people

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Conference on the Future of Europe: Migration

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‘Erasmus+’: the Union programme for education, training, youth and sport

Young people not in education, employment or training (NEETS) [What Europe does for you]

Young people involved in politics [What Europe does for you]

Erasmus+: More than just mobility

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