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Europe’s cultural heritage online

The European Union (on the basis of article 167 TEU) supports the goal of online accessibility for Europe’s cultural heritage by helping to create the conditions for digitisation, accessibility and preservation of cultural content. It fosters collaboration between Member States and cultural institutions, and also between these cultural institutions and other stakeholders. Thus it helps … Continue reading

The AVMSD: implementation and future perspectives

[Updated and revised 25 March 2014] The Audiovisual media services directive (AVMSD) (2010/13/EU) allows audiovisual media services to circulate freely within the EU, while protecting important policy objectives. On some issues it harmonises rules (e.g. 12 minute-per-hour advertising spot, tobacco advertising ban), while on others it asks Member States to comply with requirements (e.g. non-discrimination; … Continue reading

Teacher education in Europe

Teachers are vital for young people to develop their talents and acquire the knowledge and skills they need in a rapidly changing world. Continued teacher education which allows teachers to cope with these challenges is thus of high importance. Despite the fact that there more than 28 different teacher training systems in place across the … Continue reading

European Schools

In 1953 the first European School was established in Luxembourg as a school for children of staff of the European Coal and Steel Community. The six different governments and Ministries of Education co-operated in matters of curricula, appointment of teachers, inspection and recognition of levels attained. On 12 April 1957 the Luxembourg School (with the … Continue reading

European Capitals of Culture: preparing the programme for 2019

Based on the results of the evaluations of the previous programmes, the online and the public consultation, the Commission introduced its proposal (COM 2012/407 final) for a decision about a new Community action on the European Capitals of Culture on 20 July 2012. This document retains successful aspects of the current programme while bringing also some innovations. … Continue reading

Future European Union education, training, youth and sport programme(s)

Updated on 12 December 2013. European Commission launched a proposal for “Erasmus for All” on 23 November 2011.  The new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, renamed Erasmus+, was approved by the European Parliament on 19 November 2013 (EP press release and background note). It is due to begin in January 2014 (Commission’s Press release and … Continue reading

State of play of the European Qualifications Framework implementation

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on 23 April 2008 (OJ C 111, 6.5.2008, p. 1–7). The EQF encourages countries to relate their qualifications systems or frameworks to the EQF by 2010 and to ensure that all new qualifications issued from 2012 carry a reference to the … Continue reading

European cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (Europe 2020 strategy)

Vocational education and training (VET) has been an essential part of EU policy since the very establishment of the European Community. Vocational education and training  has a key economic function in up-skilling and integrating young people into the labour market and in providing high quality technical skills. It is also a crucial element of the EU … Continue reading

Internationalisation of Higher Education

Globalisation and technological development have an important influence on higher education. On its second page the European Commission’s communication on “European higher education in the world” (COM (2013) 499 final) while quoting from a 2008 OECD study (Higher Education to 2030, Volume 1, Demography) shows that over the next twenty years the demand for Higher Education … Continue reading

Britisches Projekt zur Literaturverwaltung mit Smartphones

Mike Jones von den IT-Services der Universität Bristol hat seine Vortragsfolien bei Slideshare veröffentlicht, in welchen er ein JISC-gefördertes Projekt mit Namen “m-biblio” vorstellt. Das Projekt hat das Ziel, die Möglichkeiten Literatursammlung und -verwaltung mobil zu betreiben. Unter anderem soll dabei eine App für das iPhone entwickelt werden, die es ermöglicht, unterwegs und im Lesesaal oder vor … Continue reading

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