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Circular economy

According to the new EEA Signals 2014 “we often extract limited resources faster than the planet can produce them, turn them into products using environmentally harmful processes and then discard these products after a limited period of use”. This “take-make-dispose” approach is thus high resources consuming and results in the production of huge amounts of … Continue reading

Air quality and climate change EU policies

According to Air and Climate Unit of IES-JRC “air pollution and climate change are connected problems: the sources of air pollutants and climate-warming greenhouse gases are often the same. Air pollution can influence climate change, and climate change can influence the levels of air pollution. Action taken to improve air quality will also yield important … Continue reading

Indirect land use change (ILUC) and biofuels in the EU

This dossier aims to provide information on very recent studies and analyses regarding the ILUC and biofuels issue. It has been created in February 2013 and last updated in March 2014. ILUC occurs when biofuel crops replace food crops. If existing agricultural land is turned over to biofuel production, agriculture has to proceed to land … Continue reading

Waste management: towards zero waste

This dossier aims to provide information on recent studies and statistical data regarding waste management and the concept of zero waste. Zero waste means different things to different actors involved in waste treatment. To consumers, zero waste evokes efforts to achieve waste sorting and re-use, as well as waste prevention approaches. To producers, it could … Continue reading

La 11ème Conférence des Parties à la Convention sur la diversité biologique (8-19 octobre 2012, Hyderabad, Inde)

Quelques mois après la Conférence sur le développement durable “Rio+20” et en pleine crise économique et financière, la CdP-11 s’est ouverte dans un silence médiatique. Pourtant les faits sur l’état de la biodiversité sont alarmants et l’agenda est chargé. Les négociateurs vont discuter des mesures à prendre afin d’implémenter les décisions de Nagoya adoptées il … Continue reading

Environmental and health impacts of shale gas extraction

Nobody can ignore the environmental impact of shale gas production, even if the opinions regarding the importance of these impacts diverge. Water is one of the main issues. Hydraulic fracturing of shale gas formations needs massive amounts of water in order to extract the gas from the rock. This could create heavy demand on the water … Continue reading

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