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Property rights for Europe’s international couples

6 language versions available in PDF format Güterrechtliche Regelungen für Europas internationale Paare Derechos de propiedad para las parejas internacionales de Europa Droits patrimoniaux des couples internationaux en Europe I diritti patrimoniali delle coppie internazionali europee Ustrój majątkowy międzynarodowych par w Europie Property rights for Europe’s international couples There are approximately 16 million international couples … Continue reading

Lobbying the EU institutions

Establishing a precise definition of lobbying is not simple. The definitions used range from very narrow to very wide approaches. This makes it complex to determine statistics on lobbying organisations active in Brussels for which no precise numbers can be provided. Lobbying at EU level has very specific characteristics. It can be assessed on both … Continue reading

Impact of surveillance programmes on EU citizens’ rights to privacy

6 language versions available in PDF formatLes conséquences des programmes de surveillance pour le droit des citoyens de l’Union européenne à la vie privée Impatto dei programmi di sorveglianza sui diritti dei cittadini dell’UE in materia di riservatezza Wpływ programów nadzoru na prawo obywateli UE do prywatności Impact of surveillance programmes on EU citizens’ rights … Continue reading

Online gambling in the EU

The online gambling market is growing rapidly with betting being the biggest sector. Gambling is regulated by the Member States (MS). Frameworks vary with some MS having no specific regulation, some employing licensing systems and others imposing complete bans. The independence of MS has also been underlined by EU case law. Gambling is considered an … Continue reading

Changes to EU anti-money-laundering rules

Money laundering has many different forms, and is a permanent threat within and outside the EU. In recent years, the EU has strengthened its anti-money-laundering framework. The Anti-Money-Laundering Directive (AMLD), which incorporates the main provisions for fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, is complemented by the Funds Transfers Regulation, which improves the traceability of actors … Continue reading

Conflicts of interest in public administration

With the financial crisis, “conflict of interest” has become a buzzword. Not a day passes without the press uncovering another case of unethical behaviour from holders of public office. The introduction of new ethical rules and standards has become a political topic. But what is exactly a conflict of interest? Its definition is not simple … Continue reading

Collective rights management of online music

The Commission proposed in July 2012 a Directive which contains general provisions on collective rights management for all sectors, and specific provisions for multi-territorial licensing of online music. Looking at the current state of the digital music market, although it is growing steadily, consumers still generally do not have broad access to different repertoires. There … Continue reading

The unitary patent

6 language versions available in PDF format Das einheitliche Patent La patente unitaria Le brevet unitaire Il brevetto unitario Jednolity system ochrony patentowej The unitary patent Harmonising patent law in Europe has been a constant goal since the 1960s. However significant challenges, particularly relating to languages and litigation of patent cases, have repeatedly blocked attempts. … Continue reading

Switzerland’s implementation of EU legislation

Switzerland and the EU are linked via more than 120 bilateral agreements, which concern the single market and other sectors. So far, the country has not been willing to join the EU for reasons of neutrality, direct democracy, its federal structure and economic considerations, among other things. A large number of EU acts are implemented … Continue reading

“Second-hand Software” – European Court of Justice permits resale of software licences

On 3 July 2012, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in a landmark judgment that a purchaser of a license to download a software copy can re-sell this license to a third person (Case C-128/11). The Court has clarified that it makes no difference for resale whether the software is bought in … Continue reading

Consumer access to online content

Practically every day, new devices, platforms and providers for accessing, downloading, streaming and creating internet content emerge around the world. But the copyrights, which protect a large part of that content, are mostly governed on a national basis. Private users are lost in the maze of different rules and restrictions and have difficulty in accessing … Continue reading

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