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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in TTIP negotiations

In the Final Repor t of the High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth (HLWG), (11 February 2013), both the EU and the US expressed their commitment to keep and advocate a high level of intellectual property protection (IPR). The report recommended that only a limited number of IPR issues would be addressed during … Continue reading

TTIP : environmental aspects

The Final Report of the High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth from February 2013, suggested that the trade negotiations take into account the work done in the chapter concerning environment in EU and US trade agreements. In its resolution of 23 May 2013 on EU trade and investment negotiations with the US, the … Continue reading

Référendum en Suisse: “Contre l’immigration de masse” : votation populaire du 09 février 2014

En Suisse, l‘initiative populaire “Contre l’immigration de masse” a été approuvée lors de la votation du 9 février 2014. Le Conseil national avait au préalable rejeté l’initiative par 140 voix contre 54 et 1 abstention, et le Conseil des États par 37 voix contre 5 sans abstention.  Une note explicative informait les citoyens helvètes sur les textes … Continue reading

Stažiranje kolegice iz Knjižnice Narodne skupštine

Milana Šteković, kolegica iz Knjižnice Narodne skupštine u Beogradu, boravila je u Bruxellesu u okviru “Pretpristupnog programa stažiranja za zaposlene u parlamentima zemalja Zapadnog Balkana“, koji je pokrenut 2012. godine. S obzirom na to da u Narodnoj skupštini radi kao istraživač u Knjižnici, upravo je Knjižnica Europskog parlamenta bila služba domaćin tijekom njenog posjeta. Bila … Continue reading

The cantons’ role in Swiss EU policy

From the perspective of the Swiss government sectoral agreements (the so-called bilateral route) are the most appropriate vehicle for the Switzerland-EU relations. This bilateral approach has found backing in the Swiss population and has domestic political majority. Many European policies concern the competence of the cantons which, in principle, are empowered by the federal constitution to participate in decision-making. Article … Continue reading

Sarajevo process : the 1992-95 war refugee problem in the Western Balkans

The Sarajevo Process takes its name from the Sarajevo Declaration adopted in January 2005 at a Regional Ministerial Conference on Refugee Returns (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. It was further supported by the Belgrade Declaration, adopted at the Migration, Asylum and Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI) Regional Forum, on 7 April 2006. The participating states committed to find a solution for the remaining … Continue reading

Obama’s 2014 State of Union Speech – fact sheet and reactions

Yesterday, 28 January 2014, President Obama’s held his yearly State of the Union Address. Europe was mentioned twice, first in connection to the creation of jobs and support to entrepreneurs, where trade agreements with Europe (and Asia) would give access to new markets. Later in the speech the President underlined the significance of the transatlantic alliance, as being “the strongest the world has ever known”.  In the … Continue reading

Welcome new clients! Visiting the Croatian Observers / Kontakt posjeti hrvatskim promatračima

The Library regularly visits Members of the European Parliament and their offices, to ensure they have access to the best information for their needs. Recently, we have been visiting the Croatian observers. The Croatian observers are special, as they are still Members of the Sabor, (the Croatian National Parliament), and need to be present in Zagreb … Continue reading

The Agriculture issue in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

In its Interim Report to Leaders, 19 June 2012 the Co-Chairs EU-U.S. High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth only mention their intention to agree on “An ambitious ‘SPS-plus’ chapter, including establishing a bilateral forum for improved dialogue and cooperation on SPS issues”. In the Final Report from 11 February 2013, this idea is … Continue reading

Short introductions to databases for Members’ offices

We, the staff of the EP Library, often visit Members’ offices to give a short introduction to information sources, or our subscription databases and press agencies. Not long ago, I visited Sandra Rensfeldt, assistant to Swedish MEP, Anna Hedh, to show her the Mediearkivet Retriever database, which covers Swedish press and other Swedish news sources (coverage of Swedish press in general press … Continue reading

TTIP : Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership : EU-US future FTA

updated 19 June 2013 The European Union and the United States are each other’s main trading partners and enjoy the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world. In 2011, EU imports from the US amounted to  11 % and the exports to 17 % of its extra-EU trade, whereas EU-27 accoounted for 17 % of US imports … Continue reading

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