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Towards a European cycling strategy

Data collection and sharing relating to short-term accommodation rental services [EU Legislation in Progress]

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What to expect in the tourism sector this summer?

Domestic use of EU Digital Covid Certificates

What if the internet failed? [Science and Technology podcast]

Re-starting tourism in the EU amid the pandemic

What if AI-powered passenger locator forms could help stop the spread of Covid-19?

EU tourism sector during the coronavirus crisis

Cultural tourism out of confinement

EU rules on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers

Covid-19 and the tourism sector

Ocean governance and blue growth: Challenges, opportunities and policy responses

Cultural tourists [What Europe does for you]

Tourism operators [What Europe does for you]

Cultural heritage in EU policies

2018 EU-China Tourism Year

High-level conference on tourism [Topical Digest]


Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe, 2014-19 – Fourth edition

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European Tourism Day

A European strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry, a key driver for job creation

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