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Online stakeholder engagement on controversial subjects: The case of genome editing in crops

The cost of alternative crop protection practices

BLOG 6 months ago

New STOA study on deepfakes and European policy

BLOG, Events 8 months ago

Prioritising ethical principles in the governance of disruptive technologies

BLOG, Events 9 months ago

Principled governance of online platforms to safeguard social and labour rights

BLOG 10 months ago

STOA delegation virtual visit to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) site in Ispra, Italy

BLOG 10 months ago

STOA Workshop ‘Decarbonising European industry: hydrogen and other solutions’

BLOG 10 months ago

Can online platforms have a net positive effect on the economy and society?

BLOG 10 months ago

How artificial intelligence and space technologies will enable the green and digital transitions

BLOG 11 months ago

When are online platforms liable for illegal or harmful content?

The future of crop protection in Europe

BLOG, Events 12 months ago

Harmonise EU research and regional policies

BLOG 12 months ago

Work in the era of AI: Time for a Digital Social Contract

BLOG 1 year ago

Workplace monitoring in the era of artificial intelligence

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

STOA and the OECD Global Parliamentary Network join forces to promote trustworthy and human-centred AI

BLOG 2 years ago

Mapping the AI ethics initiatives terrain

BLOG 2 years ago

Digital contact tracing: Call for a stronger EU-wide approach

BLOG 2 years ago

A crossroads of disciplines: How nanotechnology is revolutionising medicine

BLOG 2 years ago

GDPR and AI: making sense of a complex relationship

BLOG 2 years ago

Artificial intelligence: From ethics to policy

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