Author: Scientific Foresight (STOA)

STOA study on the ethical and societal challenges of the approaching technological storm

Do we need a public European medicines infrastructure?

BLOG 3 weeks ago

The New European Bauhaus: the way forward

BLOG 4 weeks ago

STOA study on data governance through a data justice perspective

BLOG 4 weeks ago

STOA study examines internet fragmentation in the context of EU policy

BLOG 4 weeks ago

The use of animals for scientific research in Europe

BLOG, Events 4 weeks ago

The European Science-Media Hub summer school: science journalism and complex topics

BLOG 1 month ago

ESMH Science-Media Days: engaging with science journalists in the EU Member States and promoting scientific evidence

What if we sequenced all human genomes? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG, Events 2 months ago

STOA Delegation to the ELLIS Unit in Milan

BLOG, Events 2 months ago

Mitigating the risks of genome editing in humans

Genome editing in humans: A survey of law, regulation and governance principles

What if we built cities on water? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 2 months ago

‘We have to go for a Global Green Deal’

BLOG 2 months ago

STOA study on diverging obligations facing public and private sector applications of artificial intelligence

BLOG 2 months ago

STOA study on the use of artificial intelligence in workplace management

The future of pandemics: Preparing for health shocks in the 21st century

What if AI regulation promoted innovation? [Science and Technology podcast]

What if machines made fairer decisions than humans? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 5 months ago

Privacy and security challenges of 5G technology

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