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Mexico: Economic indicators and trade with EU


Outcome of the European Political Community meeting in Bulboaca, Moldova, on 1 June 2023

New economic governance rules [EU Legislation in Progress]

Digital labelling of EU fertilising products [EU Legislation in Progress]

Net-zero industry act [EU Legislation in Progress]

Critical raw materials act [EU Legislation in Progress]

Green transition [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Listing act [EU Legislation in Progress]

Understanding silent and invisible assets

CO₂ emission performance standards and reporting obligations for new heavy-duty vehicles [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if nature taught us to adapt to climate change? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Western Balkans: Economic indicators and trade with EU


‘This is Europe’ debate in the European Parliament: Speech by Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, 19 April 2023

EU strategic autonomy: Four energy crisis challenges

Improving the design of the EU electricity market [EU Legislation in Progress]

Online age verification methods for children

Revision of EU air quality legislation: Setting a zero pollution objective for air [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU rules for renewable hydrogen: Delegated regulations on a methodology for renewable fuels of non-biological origin [Policy podcast]

Interoperable Europe act [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy podcast]

Network cost contribution debate

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