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Voting age for European elections

Plenary round-up – May II 2023

Disappearance of migrant children in the EU

Standards for equality bodies: Equal treatment between women and men in employment (ordinary legislative procedure) [EU Legislation in Progress]

Plenary round-up – May I 2023

2023 World Press Freedom Day

Protecting whistle-blowers in the EU


‘This is Europe’ debate in the European Parliament: Speech by Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, 19 April 2023

Plenary round-up – April 2023

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Forcibly displaced Ukrainian children

Women’s rights in Afghanistan: An ongoing battle

Plenary round-up – March II 2023

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play in spring 2023

The EU’s external borders: Key trends and developments

Plenary round-up – March I 2023

José María Gil-Robles Gil-Delgado (1935-2023): President of the European Parliament, 1997-1999

Understanding EU counter-terrorism policy

Combating violence against women and domestic violence [EU Legislation in Progress]

A new chapter in EU-UK ties? [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Revision of the EU rules on asset recovery and confiscation [EU Legislation in Progress]

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