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Outlook for the European Council meeting of 21-22 October 2021


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders in Brdo pri Kranju on 5-6 October 2021

Where will the EU’s Strategic Compass point?

Effective remedies for asylum-seekers at EU external borders: A new pact on migration and asylum

Who does what in security and defence?

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE): A pillar of the European security order [Policy Podcast]

EU-US Trade and Technology Council: New forum for transatlantic cooperation [Policy Podcast]

The situation in Afghanistan: Essential benchmarks for EU engagement

China: Economic indicators and trade with EU

The von der Leyen Commission’s six priorities: State of play in Autumn 2021

Ten composite indices for policy-making

What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear? [Science and Technology podcast]

Afghanistan once more under Taliban rule

Trade and Investment Agreements [Topical Digest]

International Trade [Topical Digest]

EU-UK relations: Difficulties in implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol

Distortive foreign subsidies regulation: A level playing-field for the single market [EU Legislation in Progress]

European Peace Facility – Investing in international stability and security [Policy Podcast]


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24-25 June 2021


Outlook for the meetings of EU leaders on 24-25 June 2021

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