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Inflation explained: What lies behind and what is ahead?

The digital dimension of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans

BLOG 1 month ago

What to expect in the tourism sector this summer?

Peace and Security in 2022: Overview of EU action and outlook for the future

Outcome of the Madrid NATO Summit, June 2022

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Maritime logistics and connectivity

The EU chips act: Securing Europe’s supply of semiconductors [EU Legislation in Progress]

Rules for exercising the Union’s rights in implementing and enforcing EU UK agreements [EU Legislation in Progress]

Tenth NPT review conference: Nuclear weapons threat at an all-time high

Towards new rules on transparency and targeting of political advertising [EU Legislation in Progress]

Plenary round-up – July 2022

Europe’s PegasusGate: Countering spyware abuse

Ensuring the safety of machines in the digital age: Revision of the Machinery Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

The 2022 G7 Summit: Against the backdrop of Russia’s war on Ukraine

Reporting on SDG implementation: UN mechanisms and the EU approach

Peace, justice and strong institutions: EU support for implementing SDG 16 worldwide

Energy poverty in the EU

BLOG 2 months ago

The metaverse: opportunities, risks and policy implications

PUBLICATIONS 2 months ago

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Support for the seafood sector using leftover 2014-2020 budget

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in EU regions [Policy Podcast]

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