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Plenary round-up – January 2022

‘Ghost flights’: EU rules on airport slots

Revision of the Energy Taxation Directive: Fit for 55 package [EU Legislation in Progress]

Parliaments in emergency mode: Lessons learnt after two years of pandemic

BLOG 1 week ago

European Parliament Plenary Session – January 2022

Chaos and crackdown in Kazakhstan: What next?

European green bonds: A standard for Europe, open to the world [EU Legislation in Progress]

Central bank digital currencies: Evolution or revolution? [Policy Podcast]

New EU scheme of generalised preferences [EU Legislation in Progress]

Ten issues to watch in 2022

Electing the European Parliament’s President

The French Parliament and EU affairs

Proposal for a regulation to fight money laundering and counter terrorist financing [EU Legislation in Progress]

Summit for Democracy

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Turning the spotlight on workers’ rights

Plenary round-up – December 2021

International Migrants’ Day – 18 December

Is Russia about to start a new war in Ukraine?

Bronisław Geremek: In search of a united Europe

Climate action in the European Union: Latest state of play

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