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US: Economic indicators and trade with EU

Peace and Security in 2021: Overview of EU action and outlook for the future

Asylum in the EU: Facts and Figures

Computerised system for communication in cross-border judicial proceedings (e-CODEX) [EU Legislation in Progress]

World Day Against Child Labour

Plenary round-up – June I 2021

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President Biden’s visit to the EU – a new start for transatlantic relations

Harnessing the new momentum in transatlantic relations: Potential areas for common action during the Biden presidency

EU climate action in ocean governance and fisheries policy

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Recovery plan for Europe: State of play

Biodiversity protection: Where do we stand?

Labour market integration of asylum seekers and refugees

G7 summit, June 2021: Asserting democratic values in the post-crisis context

Strengthening Europol’s mandate [EU Legislation in Progress]

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European Parliament Plenary Session – June I 2021

European Peace Facility: Promoting peace or fuelling conflict?

Trade policy for the Biodiversity Strategy 2030

The Conference on the Future of Europe

Understanding EU action on Roma inclusion

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