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Russia’s war on Ukraine: The risk of trafficking of human beings

Russia’s war on Ukraine: The situation of LGBTI people

Plenary round-up – May I 2022

Towards new rules for European elections? [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if AI regulation promoted innovation? [Science and Technology podcast]

Temporary protection directive [Policy Podcast]

Revision of the Schengen Borders Code [EU Legislation in Progress]

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Reassessing ‘citizenship by investment’ schemes


European political parties and the European Council: A pattern of ever closer coordination?

Plenary round-up – April 2022

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Speeches by Ukraine’s President to the European Parliament and national parliaments

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play as the Commission approaches mid-term

What if machines made fairer decisions than humans? [Science and Technology podcast]

Plenary round-up – March II 2022

Russia’s war on Ukraine: The situation of Ukraine’s children


Charles Michel as President of the European Council

Russia’s war on Ukraine: A gender-sensitive humanitarian response


Role and election of the President of the European Council: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plenary round-up – March I 2022

EU strategic autonomy in the context of Russia’s war on Ukraine [What Think Tanks are thinking]

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