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State of the Union address, European Parliament, 2022

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play in autumn 2022

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Plenary round-up – July 2022

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Priority dossiers under the Czech EU Council Presidency

Plenary round-up – June II 2022

Revision of Directive 2008/99/EC: Protection of the environment through criminal law [EU Legislation in Progress]


Outlook for the meetings of EU leaders on 23-24 June 2022

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Ukraine’s application to join the EU [What Think Tanks are thinking]

World Refugee Day: EU solidarity with Ukraine

Plenary round-up – June I 2022

Combating hate speech and hate crime in the EU

John Hume: Northern Ireland’s peace-maker and committed European

Genome editing in humans: A survey of law, regulation and governance principles

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