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Skiers [What Europe does for you]

Your ski holiday in Europe is becoming safer, more accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly, thanks to the EU. The EU strategy for the Alpine region helps protect the fragile Alpine ecosystem, to help avoid natural risks like avalanches. Continue reading

Sportspeople [What Europe does for you]

While responsibility for sports policy lies primarily with national governments and sports organisations, decisions taken by the EU institutions can have a major impact on your career as a professional sportsperson, helping to change rules that are detrimental to you. Continue reading

Young taxpayers [What Europe does for you]

If you are just starting out in your working life, taxes can seem a bit scary, but they are the price of a modern and fair society. Learning about the basic principles of a modern tax system can prove very useful. Continue reading

Small and home producers of alcohol [What Europe does for you]

Home-made alcohol is a much cherished tradition in many parts of Europe. Beers, wines or spirits produced in small quantities come with a local flavour and preserve precious artisanal traditions, providing consumers with an alternative to industrial production. Continue reading

Victims of organ trafficking [What Europe does for you]

How would you feel about being forced into donating an organ, such as a kidney or lung, your liver, heart, or pancreas? Did you know that every day somewhere in the world, a person is lured into the illicit organ trade? Continue reading

Aid workers [What Europe does for you]

EU development policy seeks to foster the sustainable development of developing countries, with the primary aim of eradicating poverty. Continue reading

Fashion shoppers [What Europe does for you]

Do you love shopping for clothes? Even if you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you may not be aware of the impact that EU laws have on the fashion items you buy. Continue reading

Home owners [What Europe does for you]

As a citizen of the European Union, you have the right not only to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU, but also to buy property. Two-thirds of Europeans own their own home; some of them are still paying back a loan or mortgage, while others own their home entirely. Continue reading

Victims of online hate speech [What Europe does for you]

Threats, abuse and intimidation posted on social media can go viral within seconds and wreak havoc on the victim’s life. Victims of online hate speech cannot remove the posts as easily as they spread. Continue reading

Asylum seekers [What Europe does for you]

Since 2014, Europe has seen a mass movement of people arriving at its borders. Many of them are asylum seekers who are fleeing war, instability or persecution in their countries. Continue reading

Children participating in decision making about their lives [What Europe does for you]

You might remember how important it was when you were a child that your voice was heard in the world of grown-ups. Continue reading

People interested in Massive Open Online Courses [What Europe does for you]

Are you thinking of upgrading your skills? Online learning is a good way to go back to school without giving up your other activities. Some 23 million new students signed up for their first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in 2017, taking the global number of learners to 81 million. Continue reading

Cultural tourists [What Europe does for you]

If you choose your holiday destinations on the basis of the cultural sites or museums to visit, as 40 % of European tourists do, you may be interested to know how the EU supports sites that are off the beaten track and helps them link up with similar sites in cross-border areas. Continue reading

Unemployed people [What Europe does for you]

Are you, or is someone close to you, one of the nearly 19 million Europeans who were unemployed in 2017? Whatever the reasons for losing your job – the economic crisis, a skills mismatch, lack of education or training – the EU is putting measures in place to fight unemployment. Continue reading

Local and regional banking providers [What Europe does for you]

Whether you are a business owner, want to start one, or a financial intermediary, you have access to EU funds. The European Investment Bank provides credit lines to finance providers such as local banks and financial institutions, helping them develop their lending portfolio and offer greater access to credit to a wider range of clients. This support helps finance the medium and long-term loans offered to private sector firms, commercially run public-sector enterprises or even local authorities. The Bank invests €75 billion in over 400 projects in a typical year. While such loans must meet some conditions (e.g. increase local growth and employment or help protect the environment), they offer benefits such as long time-to-maturity and attractive pricing. The finance providers can also make use of the technical assistance offered both to the intermediaries and the final recipients. Continue reading

Residential property buyers [What Europe does for you]

Many if not most Europeans looking to purchase their first apartment, or thinking of buying a bigger apartment or house to fit a growing family, take out mortgages for the purpose. Under these contracts, the purchased property secures the mortgage and, should repayment obligations not be fulfilled, allows the loan provider (usually a bank) to seize the property and sell it to pay off the loan. Taking out a mortgage loan is therefore a very important financial decision, entailing a financial commitment that can last for decades and carrying risks for both the buyer and the bank. Continue reading

People unhappy with their purchase [What Europe does for you]

Have you have ever bought something that you weren’t happy with when you got home? If so, EU rules provide you with a certain set of rights. Continue reading

Parents and parents-to-be [What Europe does for you]

As soon as you find out that you are going to become a parent, you are confronted with a new situation that requires not only mental readiness but also some basic equipment. Continue reading

People concerned about food safety [What Europe does for you]

If you love chips or indeed any other fried or baked foods such as crisps, biscuits or toast, you may have heard of acrylamide, a harmful substance present in these foods. Continue reading

Teleworkers [What Europe does for you]

If you work from home, you are among the 17 % of EU employees engaged in telework or mobile work. This type of work can be good for your work-life balance, reducing commuting time and boosting productivity; but it also brings the risk of longer working hours and work-home interference. Continue reading

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