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‘What if …?’, an EPRS publication on techno-scientific issues for non-experts

Written by Lieve Van Woensel and Guillermo Garrido-Lestache This year the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) launched a new series of publications on techno-scientific trends and how these could change our lives. The first selection of ten techno-scientific trends was compiled in a single publication entitled ‘Ten technologies which could change our lives – Potential impacts … Continue reading

What think tanks are thinking

Written by Marcin Grajewski Fridays are a good time to gather some reading material on major topics for those quiet moments over the weekend, and the European Parliamentary Research Service weekly publication ‘What think tanks are thinking‘ aims to supply exactly that. To provide comprehensive research and analysis, we comb the websites of dozens of … Continue reading

Initial Appraisals of European Commission Impact Assessments

Written by Sam Prestidge When an EU policy initiative is likely to have significant economic, social and/or environmental effects, the European Commission usually produces an Impact Assessment (IA) to accompany its legislative proposal. Commission IAs seek to verify and justify the need for EU action and to identify the likely impacts of the various policy options available, … Continue reading

The Historical Archives: European Union history and European Parliament history

Written by Isabel Saavedra As official record keeper of the European Parliament, the Historical Archives hold a wealth of historical documents spanning from the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community Assembly in 1952, to the present. These documents include official EP texts (adopted reports and resolutions, parliamentary questions, and debates), and also the … Continue reading

How the EU budget is spent

Written by Alessandro D’Alfonso The EU budget corresponds to around 1% of the Union’s gross national income (or 2% of total public spending in the EU) and its impact on the economy is debated, with many analysts deeming it relatively small in size in comparison with the wide range of policy areas in which the … Continue reading

Keysources – an information resource for MEPs

EPRS Keysources are designed to provide Members of the European Parliament with an expert selection of documents on a given topic. Whilst MEPs can request information and analysis from ERPS at any time – Keysources are put together in anticipation of information needs, and in order to provide a quick overview of documents and discussion … Continue reading

EP answers: a citizen-tailored service

EP answers are a selection of answers to frequent questions and concerns of citizens who have addressed them to the European Parliament. Citizens from all over Europe write to the European Parliament to express their opinion on how the Parliament and the EU should (or should not) act. Many of these messages are treated by … Continue reading

Legislation in progress: analyse, analyse, analyse

Written by Clare Ferguson The Members’ Research Service of EPRS is on a mission: to provide Members of the European Parliament with systematic and automatic analysis on all substantial proposals for EU legislation at every stage of the legislative procedure. This strategy of routine programming of pro-active publications, deliberately takes the political cycle into account, … Continue reading

Infographics – more information on one page

Written by Giulio Sabbati and Eulalia Claros How much information can you write in one or two pages? Would you use a graph or a chart to make your message clearer? How many words do you need to express a single message? What about using a map instead of having a simple table? Can we … Continue reading

The Parliament’s Plenary Sessions: at a glance

Written by Clare Ferguson The agenda for the European Parliament’s plenary sessions, held monthly in Strasbourg, crams debate and votes on both legislative and non-legislative reports, the Union’s budgetary procedure, statements by the European Commission and the Council, as well as question time – and all of this can be rearranged to accommodate matters of … Continue reading

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