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Outcome of the European Council of 18-19 February 2016

Written by Ralf Drachenberg and Torlach Grant The European Council meeting of 18-19 February 2016 was dominated by the negotiation of an agreement between the United Kingdom and the other 27 Member States the basis for the former’s continued membership of the European Union. The migration crisis received less attention and mainly led to calls … Continue reading

Outcome of the European Council of 15 October 2015

Written by Ralf Drachenberg, Stanislas de Finance The one-day European Council meeting held on 15 October 2015 again focused on the issue of migration, as indicated in the EPRS Pre-European Council Briefing. While assessing the state of implementation of the migration ‘orientations’ agreed upon by the informal European Council on 23 September 2015, EU Heads … Continue reading

Outcome of the Extraordinary European Council of 23 September 2015

Written by Ralf Drachenberg At a special meeting on migration on 23 September 2015, EU Heads of State or Government agreed on increasing financial assistance to EU external relations initiatives and United Nations’ programmes, strengthening the EU’s external borders, enhancing cooperation with third countries, fighting root causes of the migration crisis and reinforcing diplomatic efforts … Continue reading

European Council Conclusions: Rolling Check-List of Commitments to Date

Written by Joséphine Vanden Broucke, Susanna Tenhunen, Stanislas de Finance, Ralf Drachenberg and Izabela Cristina Bacian European leaders meet at least four times a year and their decisions are important for all of Europe’s citizens. The relatively recent EPRS publication ‘European Council Conclusions: Rolling Check-List of Commitments to Date’ (we started in July 2014 and are now … Continue reading

Parliamentary oversight of the European Council

Written by Josephine Vanden Broucke and Stanislas de Finance When all 28 Heads of State or Government meet in the “European Council” to discuss the direction the European Union should follow and what strategy to use, it’s bound to be important. Following up on what the European Council decides in its “Conclusions” is essential for democratic … Continue reading

European Council Conclusions: A Rolling Check-List of Commitments to Date – November 2014 update

The EPRS publication “European Council Conclusions: Rolling Check-List of Commitment to Date” monitors the degree of progress in achieving the goals and guidelines set by the European Council in its conclusions. This second edition was updated and reviewed to give an overview of the conclusions and commitments from 2010 onwards. It is a compendium designed … Continue reading

Outlook for the European Council Meeting of 18-19 December 2014: pre-European Council briefing

This briefing gives a preliminary insight into the topics the European Council is expected to address in its next meeting on 18 and 19 December 2014. Based on the annotated draft agenda and previous European Council Conclusions, it is expected that the next meeting of the European Council on 18 and 19 December 2014 will mainly … Continue reading

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