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European elections [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

EPRS Event: Europe’s challenges in 2019: Ten issues to watch

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European elections: common rules and national provisions

2019 European elections: National rules

European elections [Ten issues to watch in 2018]

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European elections: Past and Future


The Reform of the Electoral Law of the European Union: European Added Value Assessment accompanying the legislative own-initiative Report

A year of change: the European Parliament in 2014

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Historical Archives – 2014 at a glance

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L’élection de Simone Veil

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Direct European Elections : The history of the right to vote

Elections Week

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Topics and links − March 2014


Social media in election campaigning

European electoral reform – no change to the status quo

Turnout in European elections

Electoral thresholds in European elections. Developments in Germany

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Topics of interest – January 2014

2014 European elections: national rules

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