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2023 Sakharov Prize laureate: Jina Mahsa Amini and the Woman, Life, Freedom Movement in Iran

EU relations with Iran

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Russia’s war on Ukraine: New EU sanctions

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Afghanistan once more under Taliban rule

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European Peace Facility: Promoting peace or fuelling conflict?

US ‘Peace Plan’ for the Middle East

Escalating US-Iran conflict: The EU’s priorities

The European Parliament’s evolving soft power – From back-door diplomacy to agenda-setting: Democracy support and mediation

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The end of the INF Treaty? A pillar of European security architecture at risk

A new neighbourhood, development and international cooperation instrument: Global Europe [EU Legislation in Progress]

Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons ─ the ‘Ban Treaty’ [Policy podcast]

EU efforts on counter-terrorism – Capacity-building in third countries [Policy podcast]

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