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Visit the Jean Monnet House

Understanding the European Parliament’s History: How the Parliament of the 1950s and 1960s shaped our institution today

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A Parliament unlike any other? Academic perspectives on the European Parliament

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The political impact of the European Parliament in the 1980s

Impact of the ECSC Common Assembly on the politics, negotiation and content of the Rome Treaties

The role of Altiero Spinelli on the path towards European Union

The first hemicycle of the European Parliament: Schuman Building, Luxembourg

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Happy Birthday European Union: Europe Day, 9 May

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L’impact de la Communauté européenne du charbon et de l’acier (CECA) sur le Luxembourg et la construction européenne

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The Historical Archives: European Union history and European Parliament history

A stepping stone towards gender equality: the Ad Hoc Committee on Women’s Rights 1979-1981

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Summary: Conference on the Echelon affair

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The Echelon Affair: A History of the Investigation and its significance today

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From Santer to Barroso: how strongly EP supported them?

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Historical Archives of the European Parliament

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Europe’s first women

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The road to the 1984 Spinelli Report

Spinelli’s legacy: the federal path